"Olga activated a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. She inspired us in the best possible way, not just because she had all sorts of technical expertise and was good at passing it on, but because she encouraged us to think. Thank you, Olga!"- Gayatri Babbar (New Delhi, India)

"A great warrior in the fields and the class room. Knows how to handle the students and helps build their skills." - Mohamed Saleel (Doha, Qatar)

"Olga has always been very Enthusiastic as a teacher. As a student, i was excited about classes she was conducting. I have always felt respected in her classes and could detect her love for her job and the subject she taught. Thank you Olga :) " - Sheina Zo (Grand Gaube, Mauritius)

"I always looked forward to your class Olga! Anyone can teach information, but its more challenging to inspire creativity, and you did that quite well." - Nour Al Sayyed (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


"Olga teached me one of the true ideas about design is,to be honest to the material , i will never forget that." -

Pol Casamitjana (Barcelona, Spain)

"So here is what Olga Litvinova taught me, furniture is not merely an object, it brings purpose and adds character to the space, rather brings in the soul of the ambience. Holding it all together and redefining the space. Olga, has helped me think and create pieces of furniture that a normal person would think as something impossible, with her expansive knowledge of technology, technique and materials.She has not just taught me how to make furniture but also how to create it and bring it to life." - Astrid Ashford Jithender (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"Olga is extremely creative , knowledgeable, strong communication with students and successful teacher , I am so happy to have met her" - Deniz Serimer Özbek (İzmit, Turkey)



"Olga teaches you how to think holistically when it comes to furniture design from concept to shape, material, texture, patterns, joinery, up until you reach to the smallest screw and where to place it! But most important she teaches you how to tell a story with your design which is something I will always remember when designing furniture." - Ghadeer Dajani (Jerusalem, Palestine)

"Olga, was one of my very first teachers in the Interior Design field, and certainly one of the best. Her competence, passion, determination and willingness to help her students amazes me till this day. Olga, might be intimidating at first, especially for someone who is just starting their education. But it's is only because she takes her work very seriously and fully understands what an impact she makes on students in a long run. Beside her personal qualities, the deep knowledge of the subject she teaches is incredible. She was and is my best teacher in the subject of Furniture design. She is the reason that today I hold a deep passion for furniture and product design, and hope to pursue it further in the near future." - Elisabeth Bitcheva (Miami, USA)


"Olga made me think beyond wood when it came to designing Furniture... Furniture Designing with aesthetics and practicality was something I learnt being her student... This has really helped me in my career as an interior designer as I try to design unique products for my clients based on their requirements in everyday life..." - Yvonne Merchant (Mumbai, India)


"If you have to describe her, you need to use words like....energetic, proactive, enthusiastic, supportive, friendly, jovial, knowledgeable, talented, creative and to add on top....has been my best teacher till date.....Thank you Olga Litvinova" - Gourav Kuruganti (Bangalore, India)


"Olga has been an amazing teacher with a very practical approach towards design, her passion for design is obvious in all of her lectures and she always found creative ways to explain the subject. Thank you Olga for increasing my inclination towards furniture/product design." -

Aneri Sanghavi (Mumbai, India)


"Excellent teacher, dedicated , passionate about what she does" - Julio Plazas (Pereira, Colombia)

"Besides she is an amazing person, Olga is kind of a teacher you remember for life. What she taught us and the way she did it made us remember it like riding a bike. I’m not sure how she did that, I guess she made us conclude things so we think we actually already knew it. I was really lucky I had a chance to have her as a teacher. I hope many other students will." - Manja Lazukic (Novi Sad, Serbia)

"Olga is an inspirational teacher passionate about her work, sharing knowledge and always encouraging interaction during discussions in class. I was very happy being part of her class and I learnt alot. Thank you for being a consistent motivational teacher. Wishing you all the best Olga Litvinova!"- Tendai Karanja (Nairobi, Kenya)


"Coming to unknown to study interior design in Firenze was not an easy task for me. As I started and got to know all the teachers, the most significant impact on my knowledge was Olga, furniture design teacher. She has constantly challenged my creativity and fostered opportunities to take part in several contests. With her help I succeeded and gained great motivation to stay on the right track. I thank her for doing so because she is the reason I am starting a furniture/product company today. Thank you Olga, you will always be the best teacher I've ever had." - Vanja Radulovic (Trstenik, Serbia)

"I was one of Olga Litvinova's student in Florence Design Academy 2007/2008 (Florence-Italy), and I still keep most of her lectures in the subject of the Furniture Design. Honesty, Olga has good professionalism in teaching ability to innovate and design. Thanks Olga ..." - Dirar Al-Othman (Aleppo, Syria)